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2 Decades of History​ 
Starting From Year 2000

Chanced upon an opportunity to be a foot reflexologist and massage therapist in year 2000, Mr Andrew Lim who came from humble beginning figured that he could better the lives of people while earning a livelihood in Singapore. Mr Lim took up courses, explored various methods and honed his skillsets to provide a natural approach to better health for the people.

With hard work, passion and good faith, Wan Lin was founded in 2001 with the basis and methodology of Rwo Shur Health Method. Today, Wan Lin has branched out several other brands under it's wing in Singapore.


From One to Many,
The Pioneer Of The Industry

A single pair of hands, thousands of hours serving over thousand pair of feet.

With the understanding of different schools of teaching and all the years of experience, Mr Andrew Lim developed his very own unique foot reflexology methodology to effectively target all the meridian points in the human body to promote healing. The method was built on top of Rwo Shur Health Method and has been our methodology of teaching and serving our customers through the many years.

With this self developed methodology, Mr Lim have had the opportunity to serve many prominent monks and figures, and has groomed many successful massage therapists in Singapore and around the world today.


Staying True To Crafts,
Doing What We Do Best

20 over years of memories, witnessing many come and go.

Batches after batches of employees, from zero to becoming a pro in the massage industry, many have served under the flag of Wan Lin, to other brands and branches in Singapore. We are ever grateful for all the staffs and customers that have been with us and supported us.

Wan Lin have never pivoted and will always stay true to our crafts, providing the best foot reflexology and honoring the selection and grooming of skilled therapists to promote a natural approach to better health.

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Do be punctual for your appointments, we have a grace waiting period of 10 minutes and in the event if you are late, we might have to shorten your service duration or skip your turn if we have the next appointment or people waiting in line.

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